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Dinner Friday night at “Meer Enkhuizen” **)25,00
Entrance Fee Friday night at “Meer Enkhuizen”  10,00
Bed & Breakfast from Friday to Saturday *)       37,50
Extra costs for single cabin – per night  25,00
Meal Saturday night at “Meer Enkhuizen”   17,50
Entrance Fee Saturday night  – Passe Partout all locations   15,00
Bed and Breakfast from Saturday to Sunday  *) 37,50
Dinner Sunday night (make reservation here – but to be paid at the restaurant)   18,50
Bed (no breakfast!) from Sunday to Monday *) 30,00
*) based on 2 person-cabins with bunk beds
**) dinner on Friday can only be booked including entrance fee

You can make your reservation up until 23rd February 2020! 

You will receive a confirmation together with the bank and account number the  payment should be made to. The payment should be made no later than 25th  February 2020, and reservation are confirmed only when the amount owing appears  on the bank account. 


For those wishing to enjoy the last moments of the festival.

25th February – 18.00 closing dinner at ‘de Meer’ restaurant.

If all runs smoothly and the organisation and artists remaining can enjoy themselves and relax, then the festival will finish with a dinner for all in the restaurant ‘De Meer’.

Price Euros 18,00 per person to be paid on entry.
Please ensure you make your reservations beforehand. Full is full! 

Go straight to ‘booking form